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Ribbons & Bows // Statement Bridal Gown Bows

rhinestone beaded bow on wedding gown belt

We were so excited to read recently that another favorite wedding dress accessory that’s been very popular in recent years is going to be found on even more bridal gowns in 2024.  And this time, they’ll be bigger than ever!

bridal party tying a bow on the back of bride's gown

Along with super thin spaghetti straps and 3D appliques, in 2024, we expect to see even more statement bows!  According to The Knot, “A bow adds a timeless feminine touch and a festive flourish to any look. While they previously played a supporting role in wedding attire through hair ornaments or accessories, we're predicting that oversized bow motifs will soon take center stage throughout the bridal fashion world.”

bride and her father walking down the ceremony aisle
bride slipping into her wedding gown


In addition to these larger eye-catchers, wedding professionals say delicate little bows attached to bodices and waistlines will again be prominent at weddings this year as well.  So beautiful bows will be in the spotlight in all shapes and sizes!

bridal gown on a hanger
bride and groom entering their reception

Bows are most often incorporated into romantic ribbons, sashes or belts that tie around the waist. This year, several designers are fastening a large, modern bow to the back or side of the gown for added drama or crafting an impressive bow that drapes to form a breathtaking train. Be sure to see Provonia's Fioris gown with its high neckline and detachable belt with a massive bow in back. And check out the Frankie bridal gown from Randy Fenoli, which features a striking, detachable bow that flows into a beautiful train.

And again for 2024, many bridal gown designers are attaching smaller bows to sleeves or waistlines. Depending on the style of bow – whether it be refined, graceful or absolutely bodacious – a bow is a can’t-miss wedding dress accessory that adds glamour, drama or an extra dash of romance.

bridal party in blue with pink orchids

Picking out a wedding dress for your own wedding soon?  Be sure to check out just a handful of the beautiful brides we’ve filmed who chose dresses with bonny bows! Taylor's fabulous wedding ball gown had a beautiful, sparkling crystal bow highlighting her waistline.

bride receiving help tying bow on back of her wedding gown

Blake’s gorgeous Viktor & Rolf wedding dress had an amazing, asymmetrical bow in back that led right into a beautiful long train.

bridal gown with side bow in sash

What a lovely, modern side bow Jaimee’s sash created on her beautiful Vera Wang bridal gown for her wedding at the Atrium at the Curtis Center.

bride and groom first dance at reception

And Mari chose a heavenly princess silhouetted wedding gown with a large sheer sash tied in back in a romantic gauzy bow. A perfect, light and summery look for her beach wedding!


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