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Sold Separately // Detachable Wedding Gown Sleeves

Many brides love the idea of wearing two separate looks on the wedding day. So choosing two wedding gowns, perhaps even with completely contrasting styles, is a terrific option for those who want to mix it up... or just can't choose between two favorite dresses! But convertible options, like detachable trains, overskirts or capes also allow brides to wear one look for the ceremony and a totally different one for the reception in a way that's more convenient and less costly than purchasing two gowns.

And detachable sleeves is the bridal accessory that seems to be trending the most, giving brides the opportunity to quickly and easily change looks in the middle of their big day!

Gowns that offer removable, romantic off-the-shoulder straps have been the most popular convertible style with brides over the years. Those with fitted cap sleeves and long, lace sleeves are highly sought after as well. But in keeping with the well-deserved obsession with 3D floral appliqués, these gorgeous detachable textured floral beauties are enchanting many brides. And modern brides following the latest fashion trends are splurging for detached balloon sleeves, bishop sleeves or puff sleeves for their 2023 weddings.

So many prominent designers have added detachable sleeves as available accessories for many gowns in their collections. Be sure to see Maggie Sottero's Stevie with its off-the-shoulder bishop sleeves, and the Sawyer gown, which has long lace sleeves available to compliment its square-neckline, recency era vibe. And her Mirra gown with 3D floral appliqués has gorgeous off-the-shoulder tulle 3D floral cap sleeves to match. One of Ines Di Santo's standouts is the Alexis. Scroll down on the link and check out the 3D floral details on those available sheer balloon sleeves.

Voluminous puff sleeves might be the most eye-catching part of Martina Liana's stunning, very modern 1266 mermaid bridal gown. Looking for a glamorous gown with chic, long, slim-fitting detached satin sleeves? Look no further than the Willow in the spring 2022 collection of Ravini by Rita Vinieris. For the traditional bride wanting romantic, delicate off-the-shoulder straps/cap sleeves, see Estee Couture's Blanca. And for the ultimate in drama, the removable off-the-shoulder sheer balloon sleeves on the Cara are it!

A recent wedding we've filmed comes to mind immediately when we think of beautiful, eye-catching detachable bridal gown sleeves. Check out Dee's amazing 3D floral detachable sleeves on her Oscar de la Renta gown! She wore them during her ceremony and photo shoots, then removed them later to party at her reception at Manursing Island Club. Two very gorgeous looks!


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