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Exit Strategy // Wedding Exit Ideas

bride and groom kissing after ceremony with bubbles in air
bride and groom with sparkler salute as they leave wedding reception

Years ago, just about every couple exiting their ceremony or reception venue received a send-off complements of a shower of rice.  But this is hardly the case anymore.  And it’s not because birds will get sick or die if they eat it (this myth was busted a long time ago), but rather it’s because it makes a difficult mess to clean up. Plus, uncooked rice (or bird seed) can cause guests to slip and fall, posing a huge liability for the establishment.  Because of these two concerns, some venues won’t allow guests to toss anything at all.  But don’t worry… there are still terrific ways to make your grand exit extra exciting!

Keep in mind, you have two great opportunities for a fun exit celebration: as you’re walking out together after your ceremony has concluded and then again at the very end of your reception.  So without further ado, here are 10 wedding exit ideas, things for your guests to wave, throw or otherwise spread into the air as you begin your new chapter together!

bride and groom walk back down the aisle after ceremony with beach balls in air
bride and groom walk back down aisle after ceremony with flower petals thrown in air

  • Bubbles – They are inexpensive, easy to find and fun!  Just choose your bubble supply very carefully because we’ve read that some bubbles will stain the bride’s dress.

  • Glow Sticks –  Your standard small or large (like lightsaber-sized!) party glow sticks are also very inexpensive and are perfect for a bright and colorful send-off after the reception.

bride and groom exit reception with sparkler salute

  • Sparklers – They are fun for guests to play with and look spectacular in photos and on film.  Check with your venue first to be sure they're permitted, as technically they are "tiny fireworks". And also be sure to keep any little embers away from the bride’s dress.

  • Petals – You can even make pretty paper flowers or cones to store them for your guests to “flick” at the big moment.  Freeze-dried or fresh petals can easily be obtained from your florist or from a number of online retailers.  Best of all, they are bio-degradable.  Just stay away from dyed petals to avoid the possibility of staining.

  • Lavender Buds – Dried lavender is extremely fragrant and fits in especially with spring and summer events and weddings with a purple color palette.  Etsy is a wonderful place to find lavender buds in all kinds of cute packages!

  • Tiny Wedding Bells – Bells can be used to celebrate the grand exit as well as during the reception when guests want to request a kiss between the bride and groom.

  • Mini-Beach Balls – These are perfect for the end of a beach or nautical themed wedding ceremony held outdoors... and a lot of fun to bop around!

bride and groom exit church with guests waving ribbon wands

  • Ribbon Wands – Wands are so colorful and are perfect for venues that will not permit anything to be thrown into the air.

  • Eco-confetti – It's also called ecofetti.  It’s biodegradable, non-toxic, non-staining and animal friendly.  We still recommend having it cleaned up afterwards though, as it doesn’t usually deteriorate right away.

  • Noise-makers – These little party horns are another item that’s perfect for venues that won’t allow anything to be tossed.  And they sure won’t go unnoticed!

bride and groom exit their reception with guests waving sparklers
guests blow bubbles while bride and groom exit church after wedding ceremony
guests throw flower petals as bride and groom exit church after wedding ceremony

Again, most of these items can readily be found at local party supply stores and florists or online at staples like amazon.  Also, browse saveoncrafts for a wonderful selection of ribbons, petals and eco-confetti.  Just don’t forget to check with your venue before purchasing anything to be sure the items you have in mind for your wedding exit are permitted!

wedding party blow bubbles as bride and groom exit church after wedding ceremony
bride and groom kiss as they exit church while guests wave ribbon wands

Looking for live-action examples?  Check out Patrina and Charlie’s exit from their ceremony at First United Methodist Church Westfield to view a sweet bubble send-off and Caroline and Kevin's beautiful wedding to see their Saint Catharine Church exit celebration with ribbon wands!

And we see so many wonderful sparkler salutes as couples leave from their receptions. Check out one of our latest in Beth and Max's lovely Ryland Inn wedding! They also had those beautiful ribbon wands for guests to wave as they walked back up the ceremony aisle together.


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