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Something Blue // Cobalt Blue Weddings

You may have read that Marseille Bleu is and's wedding color of the year for 2024. The two wedding industry powerhouses got together again, this time not to design goods that reflect current wedding trends, but instead to help shape the look and feel of weddings to come and create those trends that would excite couples planning their dream weddings. And a great place to start is with a Color of the Year.

bride and bridesmaids embrace

Minted + Brides chose the name to honor the beautiful port city located along the French Mediterranean coast, and it absolutely evokes the bustling, eclectic vibe of this cool and trendy Provincial locale. Marseille Bleu a vivid, bold shade of blue, really in the same color family as cobalt blue, and is actually found in slightly various levels of saturation and intensity.

Marseille Bleu and cobalt blue are so similar, that unless we're talking about Le Creuset cookware, the two blues are almost interchangeable. So to make shopping for wedding attire, accessories, stationery and decor in this trending hue easier, we'll just call it what we always have, cobalt blue!

blue bridal party shoes

Cobalt blue definitely makes a statement. It's deep, bold and striking, a shade perfectly balanced between both warm and cool tones. If you're looking for a bright, intense and lively color scheme, while still feeling sophisticated and even calming, look no further than cobalt blue.

And cobalt blue fits in perfectly with the 2024 'bright and bold' color palette trend. Plus, it blends seamlessly with any style of wedding, from a glamorous black-tie, ballroom event to a summery wedding at a rustic farmhouse. Its versatility makes it an easy choice for couples looking to add a punch of vibrant color to their wedding day, no matter the theme or setting. And we happily expect to see this dramatic blue at wedding events well into next year, too.

bride with bridal party in blue dresses

So if "bold, vivacious and adventuresome" describe you or the image of your dream wedding, choose cobalt blue, or Marseille Bleu, for your wedding event's theme color!


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