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Unearthing the Past // Creative Corporate Projects: Rowan University

We were delighted and honored to be able to create this video for Rowan University back at the end of June.  The University paleontologists were in the process of uncovering and transporting the fossilized head of a 65-million year old crocodile found at their University Fossil Park in Mantua, NJ.  

Postdoctoral researcher, Paul Ullmann, PhD guided the team who, also under the direction of paleontologist and geologist, Dr. Kenneth Lacovara, wrapped the specimen in plaster, burlap and aluminum foil to prepare it for safe travels in one piece.  Because the site sits below the water table, team members had to pump water from the site every 15 minutes in order to work.  

The fossil, which dates to the Cretaceous Period, contained portions of the skull, lower jaw and some teeth.  It was moved from the fossil park to a University laboratory where it sat for a month.  Researchers are now studying the important specimen closely.  The university is undoubtedly excited to share this significant discovery, one which will ultimately be written about and put on display.

Be sure to check out Rowan University’s article on this celebrated find on their website to read more about the history of the marine animal and the Fossil Park!


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