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Pocketful of Posies // Posy Bouquets

Voluminous and cascading wedding bouquets will probably always be the top choice for brides on their wedding day. They're gorgeous, so very dramatic and always guaranteed to be show-stoppers! But for the past two years, another bouquet has been steadily gaining in popularity, the posy.

Also known as nosegays, these arrangements are much smaller and are usually fairly compact and round in shape. Often, they contain only 4-5 stems hand-tied together with a beautiful little ribbon and can easily be held in one hand. They've always been popular for bridesmaids, but now we're seeing more brides carry these mini treasures on the big day.

Posies are perfect for brides looking for a bouquet that won't compete for attention. They're a wonderful bridal accessory, just like special heirloom jewelry and designer shoes. They

just go with everything!

They can read very vintage, too... ideal for couples with a wedding themed to a bygone era. But truly, they're 100% versatile, fitting in with every style of wedding from rustic farmhouse to glamorous, black tie.

And perhaps the icing on the wedding cake is that they're less costly than typical bridal bouquets, averaging just $55-$75 per posy. This cost is in line with the average bridesmaid bouquet. But when selecting less expensive flower species and an uncomplicated design, they can even be found for as low as $35!

And posy bouquets come in all designs. Various flower species can be used within the same posy or the bouquet can contain all the same type of bloom. They can be as simple as a bundle of baby's breath with fresh eucalyptus. Or they can be as exciting as small mix of several bright and colorful, exotic species. It all comes down to the bride's personal style and the vibe of the overall wedding event.

Want to see some perfect little examples? Check out One Fab Day's photo collection of 20 lovely posy bouquets to consider for your wedding!


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