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…As a Token // Wedding Ring Engraving

wedding ring close up in between bride's wedding shoes

A wedding ring is more than just a beautiful piece of jewelry. It's a special, personal symbol of your love for your husband or wife.  It’s a physical display of your union, a constant reminder of your love and devotion.  And deciding to have your wedding ring engraved with a personal statement adds even further meaning to this 'token of endless and abiding love'.

So many couples simply don't give any thought to having their wedding rings engraved, but we really think they should! Wedding rings are already special, and adding an inscription makes them even more special, even more yours. And it's easier and more affordable to have done than you might think!

If you’re purchasing the wedding ring at your chosen brick and mortar jeweler, just ask if they also do engraving.  If they don’t, ask if they recommend someone who does.  You probably won't be the first one to inquire! There are also many online wedding ring retailers that sell and etch a single line on their rings, some at no additional charge. Do keep in mind however, that not every ring can be engraved. 

You should ensure that the engraver you choose is experienced and certified. And before you commit, find out exactly what fonts and letter sizes they use, as well as any other restrictions they place on their engravings. Engravings are accomplished either by machine, laser or by hand.

close up of wedding rings in moss

In general, wedding ring engravings are quite affordable. The number of characters and chosen font will affect the cost, as will the type of design and the professional completing the work. And the size of the ring will determine how many characters can be added (most can hold up to 30 characters) and how complex the design can be.  A typical machine or laser engraving costs anywhere from $25 to $150. Hand engraving will usually double or possibly triple the price.

The best part about having your wedding rings engraved is that the inscription ideas are almost endless! You can choose exactly what you want your rings to say about you, your partner and your relationship.

Ideas for your wedding ring engraving:

  1. Your wedding date

  2. Both of your initials, names or nicknames

  3. A special quote or line from a poem

  4. A religious verse

  5. A lyric from a song with special meaning

  6. An excerpt from your wedding vows

  7. A location with special meaning

  8. A cute or funny saying

  9. Your partner’s ring finger fingerprint

  10. A phrase on each ring that makes sense only when both are put together

While many machine and laser engravings can be turned around within just a couple of days, consider ordering at least one month before the wedding to be sure it will be ready by the big day.  And if it’s already too late to have your ring engraved, no worries, you can always opt to have it done after the wedding.

close up of wedding ring in between bride's silver shoes

Keep in mind, in most cases, having your ring engraved will void your return policy.  So be sure you have the ring you want in the size you need.  And before signing off on the order, be sure to double and triple check your spelling!

Have you decided that you do want your wedding ring engraved but haven’t picked the ring yet?  Check out Do Amore, a Texas online jewelry retailer that offers free custom engravings of up to 22 characters on their rings. 

Do Amore consistently gets rave reviews from its customers. Best of all, Do Amore is a company committed to ethics.  They create environmentally friendly wedding rings made with conflict-free diamonds and recycled precious metals.  They've also partnered with Charity : Water, to match purchases, ensuring a one-to-one impact by investing in a water well for families in developing communities.  And all rings are made in the USA and packaged in wood boxes made using wood sourced from sustainable forests in New Zealand and Australia.


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