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A Black & White Market // Black & White Wedding Theme

We've been reading that weddings in 2023 are going to go all out on black & white! Both black & white and all-white or all-black events are expected to continue and even surpass the popularity they've been seeing the past couple of years. And we know why!

The black & white color scheme is classic, timeless and elegant. Black and white together, and monochromatic all-white, always reads very sophisticated and chic. Furthermore, it renders such an opulent, luxurious vibe that's so fitting for such an important, formal event.

Black & white together can also be very dramatic and daring. A bold and adventurous wedding theme, it wows guests every single time. And if you're looking for a modern or even avant-garde wedding theme for your big day, look no further than black & white for its stylish and striking presence.

Because it's such a classic, ceremonial look, the black & white theme is often incorporated into black-tie wedding events. We're seeing lots of fabulous bridal parties in all-black or all-white at these very formal affairs. But when mixed with rustic or garden elements, this bold color scheme works well at more casual events, too.

One easy place to incorporate this theme is in your event florals. Look for flowers that are black or almost-black in color. Black tinted roses, 'black forest' or 'Odessa' (purple) calla lilies, 'Queen of the Night' tulips and white anemones with their jet black center are always show stoppers.

And there's almost no limit to the number of white flowers available for bouquets and centerpieces. Roses, peonies, poppies, tulips, gerpoms, daisies, hydrangeas, ranunculus and baby's breath are perennial white wedding flower staples.

Then consider adding an accent color in your floral arrangements that perhaps can be repeated in smaller reception décor items, as most couples are pairing black and white with at least one other hue. Add a pop of red, teal, fuchsia or apricot. Or maybe the moody blues and deep purples are more your style.

Jewel tones are popular again this year, so adding emerald or ruby to your black and white color palette would be right on trend. Burgundy accents are the perfect choice for a winter black & white wedding. And watercolor pastels like blush, champagne, ivory and baby blue go perfectly when added to a distinctly black & white spring wedding event.

If you want to keep the color palette strictly black & white, it's perfectly fine to keep your flowers, bridal party attire, linens and décor all within these two colors. But consider doubling up on your choice of metallics to add contrast and interest. Silver, gold, brass and copper all look fantastic when paired with black, white or black & white together.

Speaking of metallics, you can even consider incorporating black in your wedding rings! Women's and men's bridal sets and bands can be found in black tungsten, black titanium or even black diamonds. Check out this gorgeous black diamond bridal set and this black and white diamond bridal stunner, both available at Zales.

We've filmed many weddings with black, white or black & white themes over the years. Recently, Jayne and Mike had a gorgeous black & white themed wedding at the Manor House at Commonwealth. Jayne's bridal party all wore stunning long, black gowns, but she added some blush accents in her bouquet and at her reception.

And Jacquelyn chose to have her bridal party all wear lovely white dresses for her wedding at the RiverCrest Golf Club. Blush accents were abundant, but white was definitely the theme color for this gorgeous event.


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