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Wedding Day 101 // Advice for Your Wedding Film

Just about every year, just as the wedding season is really getting into full swing, we like to send out a little list of tips that we've compiled over the years of filming and editing weddings. These little bits of advice are here to help every couple soon to have their wedding captured on video ensure a seamless and beautifully captured wedding film!

Chewing Gum We know everyone wants fresh breath, however better alternatives to chewing gum are mints, breath strips or breath sprays. If you're chewing gum throughout the day, you won’t notice that your jaw is constantly moving. But it will be very obvious to you later as you watch your wedding film. Trust us!

Your Dress Hanger Brides, your wedding gown is one of the most valuable items on your wedding day. You definitely want to proudly showcase it. Treat it the way it deserves! Go out and buy a pretty and durable hanger that will hold your dress up, keep it secure and look beautiful as well. It doesn't have to be an expensive personalized hanger, but those plastic hangers just aren’t good enough for your dream dress.

The Bridal Robe Getting all “dolled” up for the big day is something that's really important to most brides. And a huge part of telling your unique story is the lead up to getting into your wedding dress. This is definitely a moment you'll want captured in your photos and video. However, you also want to feel comfortable and be modest while getting into your dress. Purchasing a robe will help make that moment flawless, a bit more glamorous and even more exciting! (Also, they make great bridesmaids gifts and look fantastic in group photos, too!)

Hair/Makeup Location Your wedding day is a time when you take such care and effort with your hair and makeup. And there’s no better lighting than natural lighting for bringing out your best. When your makeup and hair stylists arrive, request that they set up near a window. You won’t regret it.

Natural Sound You really should refrain from playing music or leaving the TV on while you’re getting ready on your wedding day. When your cinematic film is created, videographers record the natural audio (talking, laughing, etc.). If there's background music or if the TV is on, we can't use the natural audio because that music or audio is competing with the sound/music used for your film.

A Gift or Card Exchange If you’ve chosen to have a card and/or gift exchange, please wait for your photographers and videographers! We want to document this moment! It's a great storytelling element for your film, and in years to come, you’ll be so happy we were there to capture it.

An Unplugged Wedding Asking your guests to refrain from capturing the moment themselves and to remain in their seats during the ceremony and during formalities at the reception is a very reasonable request. (You can leave a note in your ceremony program, have a sign at the entrance or ask your officiant to make an announcement before starting the ceremony.)

An “unplugged wedding” creates a more intimate feel to your day. But it also keeps your guests from standing or leaning in front of your photographers and videographers during important moments. This small request will allow your guests to enjoy the celebration and to be present in the moment. And it will also give your hired professionals the best environment possible to document the day that you have taken such care in planning.

Reception Lighting Lighting can make a huge difference in transforming any space. It can turn a great room into an absolutely amazing room! Uplighting on the walls, pin lighting on the tables or a wash on the dance floor can really create a beautiful and romantic atmosphere. However, be cautious with laser lighting. It may look really cool in your venue, but on video it can cause your friends and family to have strangely spotted skin!

The First Dance We suggest having your first dance be your first dance. Allow the wedding party to take a seat. It's an emotional and exciting part of your reception and certainly one of the special moments of the day that should be focused just on you! If you really want your wedding party to dance with you, have the second dance be for the whole group.

Let's Eat Together We highly suggest that your venue allow your photographers and videographers to eat when you’re eating. Typically during this time, there aren’t any formalities taking place. Being on the same schedule as you and your guests allows us to be prepared for all the formalities and any surprises that might happen.

We're confident that by following these suggestions for your wedding, it will truly help to ensure that all those special moments of your wedding day will be captured beautifully on video for you to watch again and again for years to come!


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