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Paradise // Alex + Shawn

When Shawn, a former Cord 3 Films videographer/editor, told us that he and his beautiful girlfriend, Alessandra were getting married, we were overjoyed!  When they asked us to be their wedding videographer, we couldn’t have been more honored.  And when they told us the wedding was going to be held in Hawaii, we absolutely jumped at the opportunity!  To be honest, we were so thrilled just to be a part of the joining of two friends in the celebration of their marriage, their love and devotion to each other.  Alessandra (Alex) and Shawn have a love that is so deep and so honest.  When people speak about a couple that were simply made for each other, that’s Alex and Shawn.

Alex’s family has a home in Hawaii and she and Shawn spent time vacationing there in the past.  So, besides the fact that Hawaii is a dream wedding destination, it makes perfect sense for the two to be married in that paradise location.  It was also the perfect place for Shawn to pop the question!  Shawn told Alex that he needed her help on a video project – they needed to be the models for a Hawaii tourism promo and they needed to be filmed hiking.  Alex agreed and the two set off to be filmed climbing mountains and crossing creeks in this gorgeous Polynesian setting. 

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing for Alex… it was hot, she was tired, mosquitoes were swarming and to top it off, she slipped and fell into the creek they were crossing!  After Shawn did some waterfall diving and Alex dipped her feet in the water, they enjoyed a picnic lunch, all while the crew still filmed.  Then, it was time… Shawn got down on one knee and asked Alex to be his wife.  After laughing and crying, Alex said ‘yes’!  On the way back, Shawn was sure to carry Alex across the creek and anytime there was slippery or treacherous terrain.  As Alex notes, “The mountain was our rocky climbing mountain relationship: ups, downs, skips, falls…but Shawn holding me when I needed to be held, that is a big part of it too.”

bride and groom relaxing at cove in Hawaii

Alex and Shawn’s breathtaking wedding was held in Ko’Olina, Kapolei on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii.  You really can’t choose a more stunning location for a wedding! Because it was a destination wedding and loved ones traveled far and wide to be there, many get-togethers and events were scheduled for the days leading up to the wedding, including an intimate Catholic ceremony the day before the wedding event.  They also enjoyed a pleasant (and absolutely gorgeous!) sunset cruise with family and friends.  This was Hawaii…it’s nearly impossible to fully and accurately describe the beauty of the island and the magnificent setting.  But above all, it was a joy to see and capture on film, the conversation, love and laughter shared among loved ones so happy to see Alex and Shawn become husband and wife after a nine year journey together.

On the morning of their wedding, Alex and her bridesmaids had their hair styled at Hello Gorgeous in Kapolei, then returned to their Beach Villa Resort condo to dress while Shawn and his groomsmen prepared at a separate condo.  Before they were completely ready for the day, the two exchanged beautifully written love notes to each other, and thoughtful gifts as well.  We loved being there to witness the surprise and joy on their faces as they opened their wedding gifts.

bride closeup in wedding veil

It was then time to get ready for the big moment!  Alex looked absolutely amazing in her strapless wedding gown.  It featured a dazzling corset, laced up the back, and a full, voluminous skirt with a lovely bow detail.  Her beautiful auburn hair was worn down in gorgeous waves and was accessorized with a sparkling headband.  Her beautiful bridesmaids wore light aqua dresses that matched the ties worn by the groomsmen and the wedding party also was sure to wear leis in keeping with Hawaiian custom.  And Shawn stood apart in a dark blue bow tie and coordinating light blue suit, perfect for this tropical destination wedding.  The anticipation was building as we hurried off to the chapel!

wedding chapel in Hawaii

Alex and Shawn’s ceremony was held at the Paradise Cove Crystal Chapel.  This light filled, oceanfront chapel highlights the island’s natural beauty with an observatory glass altar and an abundance of windows.  Grand chandeliers and marble floors bring elegance to this gorgeous venue.  As we’ve noted before, we truly love personalized vows.  Alex and Shawn’s wonderfully written vows were so touching and said so much about themselves and their relationship.  They spoke about how they met and the strength of their love as they vowed to remain steadfast in their devotion for each other.   And in Hawaiian tradition, they presented each other with a flower lei or a maile and kukui nut lei during the marriage ceremony as a symbol of respect and commitment.

Professional photographer, Brandi, from Alexis June Weddings flew down to Hawaii from New York to photograph this special wedding.  She was such a pleasure to work with as she captured photos during many of the events in the days before and after the wedding.  After formal photos concluded, the DJ arrived and it was time to start the party!

bride and groom strolling outdoors on wedding day

Alex and Shawn had a fabulous tented reception at Paradise Cove!  Floral designer, Flowergirls, provided such beautiful, romantic arrangements in light corals, pinks and white for the tables and decorated this entire event so wonderfully.  And DJ, Tony So, from The DJ Hawaii definitely was a crowd pleaser as he played the tunes that kept the dance floor totally packed!  There was lots of wild dancing, and tons of fun as everyone really had an awesome time celebrating the union of two fantastic people.

bride and groom closeup at sunset

We want to thank Alex and Shawn once again for asking us to be a part of their amazing wedding event.  It was such and honor and a pleasure to be a part of this visually stunning and emotionally stirring experience.  As their officiant stated during their ceremony, when the reason why a couple wants to make a marriage last is so very strong, then “nothing can break it”.  And we know this couple has a bond that will last forever. Best wishes and lots of love to Alex and Shawn!

Photographer:  Alexis June Weddings – Brandi – New York, NY

Floral Design:  Flowergirls – Honolulu, HI

Hair Stylist:  Hello Gorgeous – Kapolei, HI

Makeup Artist:  Hello Gorgeous – Kapolei, HI

Cake:  A Cake Life – Honolulu, HI

Entertainment: DJ Tony So – The DJ Hawaii – Honolulu, HI

Church: Paradise Cove Crystal Chapel – Ko’Olina, HI

Officiant: Kalehua – Oahu, HI

Venue:  Paradise Cove – Kapolei, HI

Accommodations:  Beach Villa Resort at Ko’Olina – Kapolei, HI


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