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Come Rain Or Shine // Rain On Your Wedding Day

bride and groom walking in gardens in the rain

You've been planning what seems like forever for your perfect wedding day... perfect venue, perfect dress, perfect partner! But you just got the bad news: no perfect weather. It's supposed to rain buckets on your wedding date. And don't they say that's even a bad sign?

Signs of Rain

Well, most people that hold superstitions concerning rainfall on the wedding day believe that rain is actually a positive sign. In some cultures, it symbolizes fertility. This notion is believed to have originated in agrarian cultures, societies based around producing and maintaining crops and farmland, since rain is essential to the life and growth of healthy crops. In Italian tradition, a rainy wedding day means good luck for the bride and groom. And in the Hindu tradition, rain on the wedding day signifies that the couple will have a strong and unbreakable marriage.

bride and groom kissing under decorative umbrella

While these predictions might make you feel a little better, if rain is in the weather forecast for your wedding day, you’re bound to be a touch disappointed. We know you've dreamed of a sunny and mild wedding day, with fluffy white clouds and a slight breeze. But keep your chin up... all is not lost! You just need to take a few necessary actions to ensure that your wedding day will still be a magnificent event, despite the rain.

Rainy Day Wedding Tips

Don't be in denial. Every couple planning a wedding with any outdoor events planned, from just photos to the entire reception, must be ready in the event of inclement weather. There are several sensible things you can do early in your planning to keep the wedding day on track if the forecast calls for rain:

  • Have a full backup plan ready to go. Obviously, some activities that you had planned to do outdoors will now need to be moved inside. Be sure to scout out and secure great, available indoor locations for “Plan B”, well before the wedding event. If you have a scheduled outdoor ceremony, be sure to confirm that your venue allows you to have a tent onsite, provides access to a covered patio or has a second indoor space available if the need should arise. And if you planned to take photos in the park, also have a permitted indoor location, such as the lobby of your venue, available and ready to go.

  • Be sure to have a fund set aside for any extra expenses due to rain (such as tent rentals or reserving an additional space).

  • Buy umbrellas for you, your partner and for your wedding party if weather forecasters are even hinting at showers. Clear umbrellas are a great choice, but so are bright or patterned umbrellas in your theme colors. Cute rain boots are another fantastic idea for the bridal party. You want to be sure that you have your head and feet covered when traveling from point A to points B, C and D throughout the day!

  • Talk to your photographer and videographer in the days leading up to your wedding. They have great suggestions for capturing amazing shots and video, despite or even enhanced by the rain.

bride and groom with clear umbrellas in the rain

Go with the Flow

Last year proved to be not-so rainy here in the northeast, and although it's been relatively dry so far, who knows what the skies will bring us as the year progresses. But remember, if it does rain, as long as you’re ready, your wedding day will still be the success that you had always dreamed. Because no matter what the weather brings, you're getting married to the love of your life!

bride and groom exiting church in the rain

So keep things in perspective. It will still be one of the most wonderful days in your life together. Treasure all the wonderful hours spent with family and friends and appreciate the moments that go off without a hitch. And take comfort in knowing that you can handle all of life’s little curve balls with grace and elegance. Have fun with it!

Vanessa and Danny certainly didn't let any rain spoil their day! Their wedding at Brandywine Manor House was still a tremendous success as the rain even held off for some outdoor photos. And moving the ceremony to a covered patio was actually a blessing in disguise! It was beautiful to see their friends and family stand around Vanessa and Danny to show their love and support.

bride and groom in the rain

It rained for just a short while during Marissa and Dan's beautiful ceremony at Ryland Inn in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey. But their guests were ready with umbrellas, and towards the end of the ceremony, we even saw a fantastic rainbow!

cloudy wedding day woth bride and groom dancing outdoors

And the summertime showers only increased the smiles and laughter at Cherie and Florian's wedding at Abbie Holmes Estate. This event simply overflowed with love and joy. No rain could stop it!


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